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Gina-Palermo-MacFarlandWith over 30 years experience with Corporate asset design and programming, Gina Palermo MacFarland brings your marketing ambitions to life. Building modern websites, video photography and print assets involve all the aspects of marketing that I love. My extensive knowledge of modern marketing and asset building is what is required to reach today’s audiences.

“My ultimate goal for my clients is to identify their marketing needs and then build the marketing assets for their target audience. I work with the most modern technology available and customize to my clients branding ideal.

My experience with major international corporations as well as small companies gives me a wealth of knowledge to fast track websites, photography, print and video communications and showcase my clients with their own unique branding identity. These industries include Health Care, Architecture, Meeting Planning, Hotels, Restaurants, Wholesale Merchandising, Retail Merchandising, Law Firms, City Planning, Schools, Entertainment/Theater and Non-Profits.

As a designer and programmer, photographer and videographer, I will personally work with you to create all of your marketing assets while striving for consistent communication and keeping costs within budget. You may have need for a larger organization or advertising agency to step in at times, but most of the time small businesses need another small business that understand budget constraints along with the day-to-day challenges of running a business. I also work with a few Fortune 500 companies as clients on smaller ad hoc – quick turn around projects to keep costs lower than working with a large advertising agency. On that note- advertising agencies like Ogilvy Mather, have hired me for quick turn-around projects for their clients when they are without internal man-power with my technical skills.”


Real marketing strategy for your customers. I will help you work through your strategy and then build the needed assets.
Part of marketing is deciding the look and feel of your brand. From there, you need to communicate that to your customer.
Still images are a powerful and versatile way to showcase your products and services. Whether you need images for web or print, we can provide you with unsurpassed quality.

Specializing in Corporate Event Photography, Group Shots or Still shots for Web, Print or other marketing assets.

A strong internet presence is absolutely crucial in today’s marketplace. You need a professional website that is engaging and easy to navigate. Let us unleash the power of the web for your organization.

Basic SEO programming is included in all websites.

Time for a team presentation but you aren’t able to make the meeting? Let us help you create that presentation or a video that can be placed on the web.
We can handle it all, from concept, to delivery, in any format that you require. Corporate informational videos are also a specialty.

We will help with the concept, script, photography, editing and final delivery to any format that you require.

Print materials including cards, postcards, posters and flyers. We will create the art and work with your printer or work with our printers for full service.
Do you want to “freshen up” your current logo, or do you need a complete product design and full layout?
We specialize in graphic design, and brand building.

Let us help you bring your brand to market in a format that will inspire your customer and clients.

Intrigued by the email animation that you just received and would like to impress your clients? Let us consult with you about your needs.
Newsletters are a proven way to keep you and your product in front of your customer each month or quarter.
Blogging, Facebook, Google+ and other media are proven ways to provide top of the mind awareness.
Looking for someone who can help you build out your web forms that link to PayPal or another vendor?

How about that shopping cart that will help you expand your sales to the web? Look no further.